ATIS Commercial Face Detection and Recognition
Software Solution | IntellQ Studio

IntellQ’ Studio combines management of “Media to analyze”, “Faces of interest”,
Tasks to execute” and comprehensive “visual analysis” into one Workspace
Media to analyze

IntellQ’ Studio provides the facility to create the media store (media set). The media store is the place where the material for analysisis stored. Multiple media sets can be created and used separately. A media store (set) is created by assign a name, a description and loading it with the media. The media can be – images, movies, or live video streams. IntellQ’ studio during loading the mediaautomatically detects and extracts the faces and presents the loaded media to the user. The user may add further information to each of the images shown. Examples are: source type, file type, etc.

Faces of interest (Targets)

As with Media to analyze IntellQ’ Studio provides faces (persons) of interest store (target set). The user may load the store (target set) with already available images and complete it with additional information about the persons (faces) including name, DOB, source / location and more. Person of interest images may also be extracted from video footage or image libraries and added to the faces (persons) of interest store.

Processing the media store

After the creation of media and faces of interest (target) stores the next step is to prepare IntellQ’ Studio forprocessing. Before any processing can be started an IntellQ’ project needs to be established. Through creating a project with a name and description the user defines which media and faces of interest stores he wants to select for processing. IntellQ’ Studio provides the following processing functions:

Tasks to execute

Items (images, video footage, etc.) located in the media store can be processed with or without comparison to a reference image (Face / Person of interest)

Without reference image (Target Faces) IntellQ’ Studio will:
  • Extract all face it finds and will mark and index them as unknown
  • Indicate which face was found the most and with what other faces it was found
  • Show how faces are related and in what images they appear
  • Provides the creation of diagrams (Visualization) showing who shows up with whom The user may find/identify a face or multiple faces of interest and may add them to the faces of interest (target) store
With reference image (Target Faces) IntellQ’ Studio will:
  • Compare the faces found in the media store(set) with the reference face (face recognition)
  • Display the matches and the images the face was found in
  • Mark and index the unknownfaces (no match with reference (target) face
  • Shows with what unknown face the reference face is seen together
  • Provides the creation of diagrams (Visualization) showing the reference faces (target) relationship with unknown faces
IntellQ’ additional functions and options
  • Integrated image editor
  • Show age, the gender of faces, and success of face detection/ recognition (in %)
  • Adjust face detection and recognition threshold for best results (e.g. use only faces which have 80% detected)
  • Client-server (option)
  • Gate mode (Matches of faces/images trigger further actions. E.g. sending alerts or opening gates