Face Detection & Face Recognition system for Biometric
CCTV Authentication | Intellqstudio

IntellQ Studio (portable) is an all-in-one application for the installation of a laptop or desktop PC.
The Intellq Installation is ready to use and provides:


  • The necessary databases for <media to analyze> and <persons/faces of interest (targets)>
  • The face detection/face recognition engine
  • Graphical analyses tools to extract actionable intelligence from the detected/recognized face pool
IntellQ VIS –
visual intelligence system – – is a client-server system that allows increasing
performance and team interactions by installing the necessary software components on separate hardware modules (distributed architecture) Functionality is the same as with Studio
Face recognition database
Use case 1
Find a possible person of interest (Target)

In this case, a target is not defined however the available media is used to detect and extract faces. The Visual Analyze function of IntellQ’Studio provides the user with a diagram showing how
many times a face is seen with others / The most seen face maybe a person of interest and stored as a target for comparison with other media sets.

Use case 2
A person of interest (Target) is known and stored in the system

In this case the media is searched for a match with the target. This is done without operator interaction. An Alert is sent when a match is found. The Visual Analysis function provides the user with a diagram showing the targets relationship to others.

Use case 3
Temporary provide Face detection/ Face recognition for existing CCTV systems

In this case, the CCTV IP streams are duplicated and feed into the IntellQ’Studio Laptop. IntellQ’Studio may only collect faces or compare detected face with the target faces stored in the system.

Use case 4
A face match triggers an action  (Gate mode)

In this case, face recognition is used to initiate an action when a face match is found. For example, a door is only opened when a face matchis detected